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EU – General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

We do not bother to protect your data. We do not want to describe what and how we collect EVERYTHING we can about you and that we keep all information ANYWHERE in the world where it’s cheapest – we think – what we know about you is so hilarious that we use it for entertainment both at our Friday bar and at our company Christmas party. You can never get your data deleted, and don’t expect that we will let you know what we know about you. Since you cannot do without us because we are the best and the cheapest, you, like us, don’t care (-: #GDPR

Feelings on ageism

When we get that Oldfield’n

Who would not want to grow old if we had the chance and was asked lets ¼ into our lives. How old do you think you are when you die? Life humbles us we age we realize how much time we wasted on inordinate nonsense. We mature through reflection and with the damage, not so much with the years. Being patient and behaving calmly is a superpower that grows with age. Me bees ‘n insects, in my mind, have learned how to react with sensitivity and manners in hard situations. That is mostly everybody’s experience. Take a look in your mirror, when you need a superhero. Act ancient and be grateful. We have survived everything we have put ourselves through. Try to find light in any hard situation. If we pretend to have designed every single one of our challenges ourselves. It makes it easier to enjoy life. Laugh and care. A spartan knows what he will die for and most importantly where in life he is at rest. When we are dead, we don’t know that we’re dead.

Gamification of complicated

Though grateful to be able to stay fit, my feelings on ageism is much aligned with most people my age. We don’t want an old body. There is a lot of dangerous thinking being funded to circumvent aging. Genome editing is just the worse. It is my firm belief, that we should stick with nano robots cleaning us from the inside. It is the safe and the sound way to go about the ethical dangers. Nano robots to maintain against blood cloths is already in use for some super rich guinea pigs and the full scale of this technology will be general available around 2050. Until then, be your best version and try live a healthy and sweet life.

Cyberpunk Before We Are Ready

Cyberpunk is the gunslingers tale of Earth in another Era. A cyberwired population, black-ice, AI’s and transcendent hackers rule the augmented space of reality. Bet this babe wear ionic silver coated military spec anti-everything fabrican spray on skin and clothes.