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Four Letter Technology Hold Your Breath

Transparent, bendable and curved LED screens. A large number of wrist bands, watches, drones, robots, googles and glasses are all promising technology productized and available in 2014. Is there anything out there still mindblowing and unnoticed. Very much so and I will try to highlight some of these innovations in a series of blogs .

NYMI – Put your heart into it

Nymi is a very exciting hardware start-up. The Nymi is the first wearable authentication technology that allows the user to take control of his or her identity through cardiac rhythm recognition. Nymi communicates your identity to your surroundings using your unique electrocardiogram (heart beat rhythm) authenticating and posting your identity through an embedded sensor. You will never need to bring your keys, locate your wallet, use a keypad or remember a password. Nymi is both practical and elegant.


Unlike fingerprints, retinal scans or image recognition the biometrics of EKG patterns are not easily forged or lifted. Of course there is the troublesome challenge that the end-user retain some sort of heart condition and loose the signature. The success of the Nymi is not so simple as it depends on integration and the availability of compatible devices. Is this solution durable compared to micro-implants? No… but we are not there yet.

KIWI – One device

The Kiwi Move is an all-purpose wearable device released under the Creative Commons license model. It is a multi-sensor wearable device that aims to shortcut the tedious interface to all our other gadgets as well as make it easy for developers to create new tools for the consumer market. The quantified self movement is still very young and brings about alot of issues like non-repudiation, integrity, data privacy and the effectiveness of monitoring and nudging daily routines impacting how we work, live and play. The Kiwi wearable is a really nifty gadget and I have already placed a pre-order.

VIGO – Be alert when you need to be

Have you ever fallen a sleep driving a car? I have and that was a scary experience. The gadget Vigo knows your drowsy before you do and is the very first connected energy gauge to quantify your alertness. The wake-up signal can be a soft pulsing vibration, a discrete LED light, or even your favorite pump-up song. Students from PenAm developed this so cool gadget but does this innovative start-up have any real future? Sadly, I think not. The algorithm is way to simple and can be developed in a couple of weeks with a mirror-inverted front camera based on Google Glass. Best exit for Vigo is to sell cheap to Google sooner than later.

MUSE – Do more with your mind

Muse is an EEG brain sensing headband that monitor your gray matter activity. Physical and cognitive well-being support your everyday decision making but equally important is the emotions that control you as well as actually really listening. Muse is designed to improve concentration, sharpen your brain, being a better listener, focus and relax when needed as well as improve in these areas. By gaining control of thoughts and emotions it should be easier to manage stress and overcome difficult situations. Muse does not facilitate any kind of action by thought and telekinesis does not seem to be on the roadmap. For that kind of technology we should look to the Emotiv EPOC Headset and that deserves a blog all by it self.

Creative Capital by Crowdfunding

SMB‘s and start-ups has always needed funds to maximize their chances of success and obtaining money for a project has never been easy. The overall venture market has been shrinking since the last financial bubble and in the current environment banks will not lend to an entrepreneur. The chance of getting hold of some public or private equity is hard to nearly impossible. Large attractive business cases and complex specifications satisfy the bank and professional investors, but entrepreneurs often have very limited resources and maybe only little to no experience in creating the various documents in the proper quality where funds are eventually obtained. The focused entrepreneur may not even dare to invest the time required and instead prioritize profitable or close to profitable opportunities. It is a most severe crisis when the pattern of investment change focus to lower-risk segments and increase allocation to existing portfolios. Where do the creative obtain those small bet seed-stage investments and who dare venture, risking health and personal relations, when the pipeline looks this grim?


Have you ever borrowed money from your friends? That is peer-to-peer lending. At some point you pay your friends back to ensure they will lend you another day. Crowdfunding is different. Crowdfunding is a collective of individuals who pool their money. It is a crowd-sourced Internet fundraising system, where you donate your money without obligation and you will probably never see a dime of it again. The entrepreneur could pay you back or offer some token in return, but the whole idea is to use your micro investment to successfully complete and implement the project you support. When you do not love money it is easier to invest profitable. If you do not need money you can decide to invest with a philanthropic mindset or even let your heart guide you. Everyone can spare 10 dollars and in crowdfunding it is the power of the masses that ensure the health of the project kickoff.

Crowdfunding has evolved over the last decade, first in the film and music industries, later in journalism and charity. All to aggregate lots of small donations to fund their creative work. Today this new type of venture capital is generally accepted and you can really find projects trying to accomplish anything you can imagine. Someone really really famous once advised us to not bury our talents. Successful projects, usually require an anchor audience. Traditionally this would be a paying customer or an angel investor but with crowdfunding it is possible for complete strangers, friends or fans to engage the micropatronage, solely by enjoying the association with the project or to eventually receive a signed copy, credit online or a sponsored token.

Browse the thousands of amazing campaigns on the Indiegogo website to find your inspiration.


Ready For Aerial Multirotor Camera Drones?

Much attention is being devoted to military drones these days, so much it’s easy to forget that the military’s long-term strategy for unmanned systems up til now has been a short journey and there is a long roadmap ahead before this technology is old news. Without contemplating the ethics, quite impressive drones take out gangsters in the middle-east with precision that only a autonomous robotics are able to perform. The future of military advancement will be impressive but lets not forget it is not all war toys and surveillance robots. Commercial flying machines have been released to the general public as gadgets controlled by android systems, tablets or with a regular remote. Though this commercial technology mostly leaves us without autonomy, and in the cheap models a very limited range control, it is a great opportunity to just have fun. Think of the possibilities in sports combining these flying gadgets with the Oculus Rift technology. This type of immersive display gives a profound experience and you would not even have to go to the gym to practice. The typical injury would probably be headaches and backpain but it could very much be a candidate for next generation Olympics. Robots combating in a speedball or quidditch kinda setup where elite combatants would probably all be underage. It would be quite entertaining television.

So is this technology creepy at all? It is definitely a disruptive technology and should challenges the general populations perceptions of what is possible. Quite interesting gadget and it is an opportunity do aerial mapping for agriculture, conservation, monitoring wildlife or maybe even mining. It could revolutionize, if not like in the case of home 3D printer. I do not think commercial drones will be made illegal but realizing the concept of what it actually is it gives a creepy edge to stalking and paparazzi photography. With a professional telephoto lense, on board infrared camera and the flight recorder these things could be lurking into the private homes, sixth floor bedrooms and hotels taking pictures of us taking a dump, walking butt naked or as vile as used for the perfect murder.

Steven Spielberg Flying a DJI Phantom II

Even though drones should probably be grounded around New Years it would make a fantastic video shoot. The drones available would not survive a hit by the powerful explosives in rockets nowadays. The AR Drone parrot creates its own Wi-Fi spot as long as your IOS or android system is within a 100 meter radius you shouldn’t have a problem. Each drone is tagged with a unique signature. So if it somehow did get lost, it is easily tracked back to its owner. Wireless 3G Internet is possible but there might be some latency issues. At any rate your drone will just hover if connection is lost with your device. A hobby grade DJI Phantom along with the AR Drone Parrot seems to be the popular choices available. The commercial drones range from a couple hundred dollars to several thousands.

Autonomous Driving vs. Cars on Fire

How convenient a decision is that? The unintelligent renewal of highways costs lost hours and lives. The two most valuable things as I see it. Every day there are endless traffic jams and major accidents caused by dangerous construction sites along highways. In Denmark the metro system is one of the few bright spots in technological infrastructure advancement. Vacuum trains, Zeppeliner, Intelligent Energy, Skyjet and thorium engines all seems to have a very hard time crossing the chasm. If we had constructed a Rapid Urban Transportation Facility or Flexible (RUF) back when everyone, including those with real power, agreed that it was a good idea, we would have said f**k you’ll and have had an excellent system for transportation. If the Danish Technology University (DTU) project RUF had got the funding and executive support we could have build the RUF tracks in gold, just to show off how much money we had saved. The extra hour working, while passing tourists in cars and the deprecated trucks we use for transporting our goods, would have accumulated to significant advancement. Everyone would have saved thousands on gas, our universal healthcare system would have been less burdened and high-end flying systems would have been more common.


Today the founding father and inventor of RUF, Palle R. Jensen, is negotiating to transfer his innovation to collect dust at our National Museum of Technology.

Decision-makers should be capable, timely aligned with foresight, supported by statistical facts and proven to pain their money where their mouth is. It seems to me that our government seldom scope and measure business cases by the customer lifetime value to be bigger than customer acquisition cost. In the case of national affairs we, the population, are the customer.

I do expect that Google will win Nascar in an autonomous driving car in the near future unless it is Volvo who takes the honored title. This link describes what is presumably the first large-scale autonomous car appraisal.

Personally I will probably be a laggard in this area and have a hard time letting go of the manual button. Driving my motorcycle is like meditation and very much sacred to me.

Smarty Ring Sends Updates to Your Finger

The Smarty Ring is not an iWatch but pretty close in functionality. Bluetooth-enabled wearable gadget that allows users to check smartphone alerts and manage incoming calls right from their finger. One ring to rule them all and very much compatible with Apple products.


Not checked google trends on whether this is hot for wedding rings. To precisely see how they are getting around the otherwise big hurdle of sizing check this nifty link:


Retail price is 275$ If you order now you can save a whopping 100$. Available April 2014

Searching for Porn?

Billions of searches are crunched each day by popular search engines and social networking websites. It cannot be a surprise to many that the most searched for word on the Internet is porn and with auto-complete, the tool that help round out your research by providing keywords porn+free is the most popular combination. The free part I understand as it is always uncool to have to make a profile to watch your daily fix from pornhubs like Redtube.

In the people section searching your own name, Felix Baumgartner and Pussy Riot have all been high-ranking part of the algorithm that also works to predict search queries in real-time based on your personalized search history and your trail online.

1. porn
2. facebook
3. site:www.nsa.gov headquarters
4. google
5. whats is love/ how do you get it/ how do you find it
6. twitter
7. describe a vagina
8. what is the answer to life, the universe and everything?
9. yahoo
10. define:planking

Porn online. Yes, I explored it. It seems like it existed long before I did and this is just a new interpretation.


My World in a Drop of Water

This one early blog should be about me, who is the techie entrepreneur, right? It is no wonder so few are lucky enough to make exit’s like I have done. It is my experience that, the humongous amount of energy required to be a serial entrepreneur out of Denmark, is an investment that requires sacrifice. It’s extremely hard to get an idea about getting an idea while maintaining focus. Not all things fly and you only have so much time. Turtles don’t fly even though they may daydream about it…and then at some point I made a pot of gold selling the intellectual capital of one of my other companies to a big brand called Visma who just recently accredited my newest tool as mature standard productization proven in two large client enterprise architectures and ready for a massive customer rollout. Yes I can create magic code and implement the features the end-users want.


I consider myself multi-langual as I am quite fluent in at least 17. Though all but a few of these result in machine code, anyone spending 10.000 hours on something gets good at IT. I’m a dreamwalker, a reckless optimist and I have something big cooking, trying not to disclose any plans or time frames.

What I can tell you is what I’m thinking now, what we CANNOT do is to go back to my crib for some inventing. I’m not that single after all.

A Thousand Positive Words

Courteous Jovial Novel Mouthwatering More Keen Merry Intuitive Interested Pet Keenest Motivated Invitation Mighty Genius Admire Chromatic Believe Blue Kindness Meditation Efficiency Incredible Bounce Dolphin Balanced Difference Focused Free Gentle Imagine Emotional Compassionate Included Fun Brilliant Finest Fortune Dignity Prominent Smashing Humble Amicable Sweet Goodness Challenge Universe Reward Optimistic Ideal Cherish Exquisite Undeniably Crisp Sociable Centered Restored Endurance Calm Reputation Punctual Redeemed Patient Undisturbed Harmless Honest Virtuous Superb Joined Essence Pleasure Adaptable Sustainable Chocolate Royal Unsurpassed Yes Efficient Pioneer Understood Pleasurable Delicious Speed Genuine Redemption Amour Exuberant Justice Moving Comprehending Intimacy Transformable Innovate Snug Choice Rosy Touched Adored Accurate Flowing Achieving Tolerant Mercy Admired Impartial Strong Dechantment Methodical Freshness Tasty Tiny Brave Relax Feeling Favorable Priceless Adventure Protect Palate Bold Benevolence Able Vivacious Vivid Affectionate Willing Dynamic Truelove Devotion Straightforward Unhurried Good Plum Seemliness Undifferentiated Ethical Content Simple Powerful Polite Accomplished Clemency Open-Minded Encouraging World-Class Magic Exalted Involvement Fab Whiz Divine Gay Galore Curious Solar Grin Yule Elephant Avid Masterful Lucky Fondness Equilibrium Successful Appreciation Exceptional Prompt Receptive Valiant Devoted Steadfast Communicative Sensible Affirmative Bravo Relaxed Cuddly Soft Magnificent Flame Fabled Prime Coherent Cheery Robust Pure Treasure Undoubtedly Generous Intelligent Tranquil Youthful Electrifying Nature Enhancing Inquisitive Supported Plump Jubilant Healing Attractive Persistent Grand Unrivaled Discerning Success Attached Merit Important Memorable Aroma Loved Intellectual Legendary Breeding Growing Vigorous Astonishing Fresh Turtle Enchanting Connected Sharing Considerate Silent Agreeable Astute Interesting Thoughtful Protection Conscious Shy Frank Culture Luxurious Instantaneous Refreshing Recommendation Intent Vintage Creative Smooth Proficient Enjoyment Fabulous Refined Dignified Stunning Glorious Cake Nice Capable Flair Adventurous Cookie Luscious Now Versatile Zest Emancipated Blissful Praised Miracle Cute Soothed Supreme Relation Endorsed Invigorated Productive Buoyant Replenished Temperate Invincible Daring Soulful Learning Magnetic Phenomenal Impartial Lucid Diligent Stupendous Thanks Care Respect Playful Charm Believing Charming Rich Eternal Giggle Transforming Confidence Easter-Egg Pamper Same Esteemed Triumphant Soulbound Enterprising Meaningful Inventive Friendly Pleasant Clever Satisfied Accomplishment Passionate Purified Ravishing Traditional Glowing Animated Practical Broad-Minded Remembered Friendship Exclusive Adorable Heroic Liberated Infatuated Delicate Spectacular Relationship Super Beautiful Understanding Unassuming Delighted Spicy Taste Dimple Stylish Awesome Celebrated Rest Convivial Singular Happy Wonderful Easygoing Goodness Flourishing Laguna Sympathy Magical Persevering Girlfriend Deluxe Spiritual Guaranteed Reliable Fizz Care Faithful Dedication Harmonious Diplomatic Subtle Colorful Secure Irresistible Tenderness Expert Asset Attention Blessing Valuable Instinctive Sensitive Green Glitter Sustained Progressive Bonded Cooperative Skillful Jewel Gifted Glamorous Respect Experienced Committed Sensational Animation Favored Influential Pleasantness Engrossed Wise Earnest Joyful Courageous Smart Top M&M Affection Excited Cherished Bootylicious Amazed Poised Adequate Sympathetic Ultimate Kind Wholesome Dutiful Pearl Liaison Legitimacy Favorite Anxious Hearty Pampered Wee Discreet Humorous Pro-active Prismatic Marvelous    Fuddl     Hearthful Auspicious Mindful Boost Learn Forgiveness Unblemished Encouraged Gratified Maxi Humanitarian Delightful Spirited Lenience Rollercoaster Charity Forgiven Captivated Resourceful Lighthearted Intense Enormous Confident Mojo Dazzling Sound Boost Dependable Splendid Helping Longest United Devotion Excellent Sanctification Alms Accepted Precious Fortunate Knowing Music Nuts Inspiration Healthy Love Glad Fragrance Whole Dreamy Classical Safety Tender Funny Surprise Fulfilled Ensure Meek Motivation Energized Worthy Effective Perfect Honorable Grounded Thorough Determination Star Forever Comforted Select Winner Eager Reassured Complete Service Darling Real Virile Beneficial Ambitious Useful Karma Authenticity Outlasts Changeableness Varied Collected Scores Lively Capable Resolute Terrific Healed Witty Easy Lust Exhilaration Decisive Sparkling Desire Spruce Idea Needed Fine Honesty Firm Golden Absolutely New Orca Kiss Accountable Nosy Thankful Dragon Faith Pretty Credible Snoopy Nurturing Conforming Family Recognized Zealous Eloquent Rebellious Unbeatable Prudent Gift Enjoy Unwavering Close Familiar Relieved Beloved Cool Sizzling Amusing Quiet Rational Power Emotion Exactly Certain Revitalized Ace Appreciate Logical Innovation Trendy Amenable Learn Prize Affinity Motivating Plentiful Careful Respected Angelic Outgoing Rewarding Modern Wrap Energetic Altruism Aid Meritorious Ingenious Adore Truthful Delight Spice Principled Legend Whale Ideation Ultra Pioneering Benefaction Quality Sincerity Flip Earth Graceful Near Famous Close Save Outstanding Best Merciful Quick Recognition Classic Safe Yummy Elegant Artistic Organized Thrilling Better Honey Open Caring Respectful Timely Equal Far-Sighted Innovative Teachable Upheld Bright Relief Hardy Appreciable Angle Brief Reliable Kissable Aligned Allegiance EyeCatching Pleasing Gentle Cosmos Absolved Giving Acclaimed Authentic Spacious Opulent Saved Energy Tactful Valued Natural Awareness Engaging Plus Popular Loose Connecting Breakthrough Relaxing Heavenly Loyalty First Unique Polished Competent Serene Compliment Settled Comfy Selfless Romantic Profound Sunny Laugh Tempting Freedom Invigorating Appreciated Fertile Enthusiastic Affiliated Prestige Wondrous Ecstatic Awake Inviting Modest Supporting Philosophical Bacon Matchless Todo Tough Hard-Working Entrepreneur Neat Creamy Smiles Succulent Alert Waterslide Stars Forceful Morale Flattering Judicious Blessed Petting Empowered Plucky Marvelous Re-Enforced Congratulation Shapely Thanksgiving Multi Tingle Alive Determined Stable Admirable Supersonic Protected Liking Peaceful Okay Bubbly Renowned Engagement Finesse Clear Satisfactory Akin Essential Competent Fitting Outrageous Priority Live Welcome Distinctive Loyal Prosperous Bounty Rejoice Honored Reasonable Heart Fearless Affable Independent Infatuation Exhilarated Sure Unreal Ready Passion Exotic Overjoyed Victory Wow Effervescent Comfortable Seductive True Grateful Aware Vanish Inspired Imagination True Fast Timeless Accepting Hopeful Unquestionable Luminous Limitless Balance Paradise Helpful Gain Victor Frisky Waterfall Appealing Assertive Space Leisure Observant Responsibility Fetching Yearning Euphoric Approval Attachment Extra Handsome Warm Disciplined Absorbing Placid Moon Vibrant Quantity Assured Lovely Unbiased DiscomfortZone Superlative Positive Dearest Invited Victorious Convenient Sincere Prepared Generosity Cautious Responsive Treat Forgiving Yielding Effortless Gracious Warmhearted Discovery Present Integrity Joy Astounding Talented Bountiful Regenerated Enchantment Fair Achievement Transformation Approve Amused Boyfriend Appetite Need Attraction Desirable Spotless Compatible Fantastic Plenty Laughter Miraculous Conscientious Sheer Up Swell Intrigued Gorgeous Action Constant Silver Attentive Pride Unity Selflessness Thrilled Qualified Pleased Admiration Goodwilled Amazing Sunrise Advantage Proud Heartwarming Noble Delight Expressive Bliss Sweetheart Brisk Remarkable Composed Sexy Sun Imaginative Ocean Bargain Approving Progress Hug Divined Clean Satisfaction Radiant Knowledge Amiable Unselfish Worthwhile Edified Assistance Peak Young Elated Swift Surprising Immaculate Philanthropy Palatial Abundance Tops Interaction Mature Lingering Trusting Loving Light Breezy Release Impulsive Pleases Juicy Fly Surf Reassuring Upright Active Shine Festive Attracted Trust Instant Fortified Champ Rewarded Zeal Elevated Agree Acceptable Thriving Coy Smile Sparkle Enticing Comic  Special Purposeful Joyous Industrious Upstanding Breathtaking Accelerated Vital Just Chic Rooted Beaming Justness Impressive Cheerful Right Well Distinguished Affected Kindred Fascinating Like Fascinated Totally Innocent High Diamond Strengthened Child Endless Honor Flexible One Beats Affluent Symphony Congruent Share Valentine Constructivism Enhance Nutritious Great Able-Bodied Inspire Decent Allies