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Someone who fascinates me and why

Jacob Barnett

In 2016 I was volunteering as a special consulting teacher to a student with autism. My student, Anton was amazing. His mind and his memory enables him to draw and hack IT with unnerving precision. He was recluse but became interested. Anton is one of my hero’s. Do you know a feeling while reading lyrics, reading a book or seeing a painting, that you get it, and if you had ever meet that person you could have intervened, become great friend or just been there. It is a great burden to bear the deepest thoughts when exactly that often comes from a shadowy universe. Creativity and learning are painful experiences.

In research literature, the term child prodigy is defined as a person under the age of ten who produces meaningful output in some domain to the level of an adult expert performer. It actually requires brilliants to survive either as a creator, poet, painter, author or inventor. Especially on a planet as rat and ferocious as Earth. I am grateful for our smurf DNA contains the likelihood that brings around morning stars like Jacob Barnett and I am so happy he was born in a time and age where prodigy children was not cast before the wolves or lead another simpler faith. Jacob!!! You are my super hero!!! Please prepare yourself a list of happy memories to recite and manifest in your mind to block and sidestep any line of thought or situation in the future while discovering new cognitive dissonances.

Everyone reading this. You are my hero’s as well and I am grateful that your here. Curious as to how you found my page but never the less grateful. If I could leave you with one thing let it be this. Realize how powerful your thoughts are and you would never think a negative thought again. I believe many of my hero’s are suffering in their mind. Thoughts echoed in variance often resolve from a very lonely place… This blog is written to Jacob Barnett and since I hope you might read this blog I will crow this is important. Stay alive Jacob! Be in it for the long game. When thought gets though and rough, I propose all the triggers..pets, forced smiles, sunshine, hugs and activation of happy chemicals even though it does not feel right. We need you smiling, old and wise to think it. Do it in time, and go see strange stories to learn. You are what you eat Jacob. I trust you feel all this come for a kind place and is a old vikings way of offering a token of friendship. Stay strong ‘n curious for all of us.

We have to look to our youth because that is always where you will find our future. We have several extraordinary children out there and a some of them do really interesting work. The child inventor Jack Andraka who because of his parents death invented a simple and fast test method to test cancer that revamped research and parts of the healthcare industry. An invention that cost him 1500$ and made him millions. All of that was possible in the first place because of another super hero wonder child Aaron Swartz had and idea about an open library who was sued by the government for placing scientific data into perpetuity. Aaron was nine years old when he participated in creating the RSS protocol we all use today and still very young when he sold Reddit to Condé Nast. Aaron eventually hung himself. Today Aaron the youngest member of our Internet Hall of Fame. Whether it is bad medicine or medicine in general. A society that do so much harm to outliers scares me.

My children fascinates me and I am a so proud. They will exceed me soon enough and beat me in my own game. My oldest have chosen to merchant and he operates with easy not caring that public domain does not equal public access like his farther. In a utopia there is a system that support and catch outliers and history proves that these outliers sometimes are the extraordinary people that amazes us all. Jacob Barnett is such a person and has the potential to change everything. Jacob is nominated as a 2018, 30-under-30 candidate but even though he diffidently lack what my son does best. Jacob is the brightest star on the list and was only 13 when he became a published physicist. Never dwell and decide it’s over, instead use the circumstances and the thing that propels you forward in life. May you be happy and live long enough to create that exciting technology your destined to uncover.

A place I would live but have never visited

Antarctica would be too rough even for me the great viking I am. A place with whales would be nice or a foreign planet. It could be a fully immersive holodeck. Jumanji would seem fun and work for me these days. Or the tallest building to wait for comment< Michael you wrote you would never visit those countries unless somebody paid you! Just to reply ’cause the Dark Tower is depicted as being over 1,500 meters (5,000 feet) tall to leave the comment corrected. Maybe Wonderland or Tomorrowland or even Neverland as long as I was allowed to remember my family and return to my farm every year to plant smultron.

On my list of things to do before I die are many obvious locations that would be breath taking choices. Living close to the Dolemites with my italian friends from language school would be the BoOM. Jajaja, me this time around not behaving perfectly blind of course. Today is valentines day and nuts sleeping alone not sending candygrams. Ancient Rome would fit the theme as this day in the past may have been much like a sexual Christmas. A place in time would be my choice. If it could be in time, I would want time to loop forever.