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What tattoos you have and if they have meaning

Have you lived before? One of my recurring dream concepts is events as a gladiator fighting and winning in the arena by swords. I have many tattoos, they all have intimate meaning to me. Maybe it is the pain of undergoing hours of intense stress with the sole purpose to remember something. The tattoo on my right calf of my leg is my most resent tattoo. It was made in Barcelona. The future time of our universe is not written yet, it is only scripted. Sometimes things that take place seems like misfires. I felt deeply about the death of Chris Cornell for reasons I will not disclose. Dark places in my mind are not unfamiliar to me. This time around, I want it to be old age that takes me out. A scientific spaceship as discovery and learning. A mountain as the journey and the challenge. A morning star as every new beginning. I love the cover art of his latest album Higher Truth. To me it is both a reminder to persist and stay vigilant in life and also that life is painful, especially if it is lived right.

My tattoo is turned upside down as I promise never to take my own life unless it is the end.

3D printing a powerful paradigm shift

Today when we remove a tattoo it is not without risk and a quite painful process that require several laser treatments. Tomorrow this is accomplished in the privacy of your own home and you may get something cosmetic done as well while your at it. Cheap, effective and painless.



The only tattoo you can be certain is permanent is your personal footprint online…