2024-06-15 07:06:53 TEAM DARKNESS

Team Darkness

The night's mist cloaks my figure,A darkness so deep, I can't tell my own nature. I'm playing for team darkness, I'm sure, Though I'm not aware of it, not anymore. The sun and the stars all seem so far away, As I enter games I cannot comprehend, even today. I'm sure that I'm on the wrong side, But I don't understand which it is, I can't decide. The shadows of night, they seem to follow me, As I play the game, I'm learning to see. My team of darkness, that I now know, Is the path I must walk, so I won't let it go. My team of darkness, it's not all bad, For now I understand why I'm so sad. It's the understanding of the world I've missed, That I can now see, that I won't just dismiss. The night's mist has been lifted, And now I'm sure I'm playing for team darkness, Though it's not the one I'd choose, It's the path that I must follow, I won't refuse.

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