Four Letter Technology Hold Your Breath

Transparent, bendable and curved LED screens. A large number of wrist bands, watches, drones, robots, googles and glasses are all promising technology productized and available in 2014. Is there anything out there still mindblowing and unnoticed. Very much so and I will try to highlight some of these innovations in a series of blogs .

NYMI – Put your heart into it

Nymi is a very exciting hardware start-up. The Nymi is the first wearable authentication technology that allows the user to take control of his or her identity through cardiac rhythm recognition. Nymi communicates your identity to your surroundings using your unique electrocardiogram (heart beat rhythm) authenticating and posting your identity through an embedded sensor. You will never need to bring your keys, locate your wallet, use a keypad or remember a password. Nymi is both practical and elegant.


Unlike fingerprints, retinal scans or image recognition the biometrics of EKG patterns are not easily forged or lifted. Of course there is the troublesome challenge that the end-user retain some sort of heart condition and loose the signature. The success of the Nymi is not so simple as it depends on integration and the availability of compatible devices. Is this solution durable compared to micro-implants? No… but we are not there yet.

KIWI – One device

The Kiwi Move is an all-purpose wearable device released under the Creative Commons license model. It is a multi-sensor wearable device that aims to shortcut the tedious interface to all our other gadgets as well as make it easy for developers to create new tools for the consumer market. The quantified self movement is still very young and brings about alot of issues like non-repudiation, integrity, data privacy and the effectiveness of monitoring and nudging daily routines impacting how we work, live and play. The Kiwi wearable is a really nifty gadget and I have already placed a pre-order.

VIGO – Be alert when you need to be

Have you ever fallen a sleep driving a car? I have and that was a scary experience. The gadget Vigo knows your drowsy before you do and is the very first connected energy gauge to quantify your alertness. The wake-up signal can be a soft pulsing vibration, a discrete LED light, or even your favorite pump-up song. Students from PenAm developed this so cool gadget but does this innovative start-up have any real future? Sadly, I think not. The algorithm is way to simple and can be developed in a couple of weeks with a mirror-inverted front camera based on Google Glass. Best exit for Vigo is to sell cheap to Google sooner than later.

MUSE – Do more with your mind

Muse is an EEG brain sensing headband that monitor your gray matter activity. Physical and cognitive well-being support your everyday decision making but equally important is the emotions that control you as well as actually really listening. Muse is designed to improve concentration, sharpen your brain, being a better listener, focus and relax when needed as well as improve in these areas. By gaining control of thoughts and emotions it should be easier to manage stress and overcome difficult situations. Muse does not facilitate any kind of action by thought and telekinesis does not seem to be on the roadmap. For that kind of technology we should look to the Emotiv EPOC Headset and that deserves a blog all by it self.