2024-05-20 14:50:21 THINGS MATTER CHANGE MY WAY 2011

Things Matter Change My Way 2011

another rhyme from ya fave lad.. to say sry coz i made ya sad.. i lost my rootz n wot i had.. i here a year itz not a fad.. listen maid in what i say.. gonna make a effort to change my way.. i been thinkin since well every day.. i sit on pier at end of bay.. my sky change colr from blu to grey.. i ask myself do i stay or stray!!! our friendship i think i did betray.. i would luv less frey n loadz more play.. i will walk on foot without delay.. all if it meant we hav our day.. as i listen to music DOG, Jokz n DR DRE.. LMFAO :-| -mute- "Change before you have to" Jack Welch

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