2024-06-15 07:27:51 THINK ALL KINDS OF HUNGRY

Think All Kinds Of Hungry

Even if the sun refused to light up our blue green moon. Followed like foot steeps in the snow all throughout time. I cannot put into words how much I need you even if I did nothing but write. Let no more moments be lost between us. We cannot roll back time. When the moon is full like now. Do you see what I see? Do you think what I do too? Awakened we never feel alone still deep emotions feels most real when shared with the special someone. I am not complaining. Everything is exactly aligned with my dream. Soothing thoughts delicious and to me. Yet so different to what I had know had anyshe been by my side making her plays. God gifted us duality to produce energy. That does not mean pain is necessary in extraordinary growth as silence and imagination is enough. Cruelty to any animals does not make sense to me even if it is just a brute.

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