Three pets, Anti peeves

Our families and me growing up, first dog, Bamse is my fondest memory and is today I remember him well. He was as slow moving runaround but on lace he dragged us in the snow on sled as the Saint Bernard he was.

Our first rabbit Stampe who lived an unusual long life. It ran away from home so many times but we always lured it by playing in the grass or it came back when we could not find it. Stampe was an all black rabbit.

Our walking stick who did not have a name and we never could find him. One day our house nanny was napping and found it was walking on her. How that actually was possible and where it had been hiding was at topic of the day.

Or as the pack of pet, the three huge Samoyed dogs at the Helmer farm, where I spend much of my youth, was a quite frightful experience as they where guard dogs and lived outside. We had deep respect for them but did get to pet them when they came to us.

Everglades National Park Service – Please don’t feet the wildlife sign

Donald L. Hicks

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