2024-05-20 14:24:24 TOBIT BOOK

Tobit Book

All we need to learn, the children will teach us. We are blind but children enable us see. And so they did. They soul pain was always immense, this is how we learn profund secrets. With or without help, mountains can be transcended with or without equipment as long as we are willing to climb. Nothing changes, really, if we truly do not want them to. Do we really desire to need a vaccine to fly. Lets find secret magic, real magic. If only kids were allowed to grow up and make the pieces fit. Orion is in motion. Am I the only one already there? The suspense. A rubber band straight from the freezer but it is a full time job to stay whole while body, mind, soul, spirit and the environment is crumbling around us. Azarias did not get lost neither on the way our or in the journey home.

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