2024-06-15 08:04:13 TRUTH RIGHT THERE

Truth Right There

Two souls, One dream, A pair of googles, A perfect attendant. Seeing details through tinted shades of red and blue, A way to see the energy, shadows, soul, intent and So many secrets around the world, cloaked in green and gold. A newfound way to explore, See with a newfound clarity, The hidden truths we now behold, Silver and Elevated water hold memories too, Lets not forget by 50 bends we forgot where we came from and what we were about to do. to be continued... its about Walter Kilner and dicyanin glasses

Courteous Jovial Novel Keen Intuitive Interested Motivated Mighty Admire Chromatic Believe Blue Kindness Meditation Practise Bounce Dolphin Balance Difference Focused Free Gentle Imagine

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