2024-05-20 16:19:52 UNBROKEN


I know I know but you are chocolate on my lower lip yet we mix concrete and styrofoam when establishing the foundation. We should mingle and have a great time with the time we got left before it is time to go, right. Simple but significant. Nothing like a wolf in sheep's clothing but a black panther uninterested in devouring anything but unleashed demons. Proud. Unowned and with eyes closed. Biting truth so gentle is does not smatter. Lips and tongue like a raspberry not to forget every other part of what is meant to be. Alive is my secret. I will not dishonor my story by gossiping or slander feelings pure. Anything with both hands. I'm not in this to escape reality, nor here to fuck over the world. Eventually I will not miss you. The question is from what perspective that is to be deciphered. Light through me. Water read that. I am premium free of charge. Ancients of fire burning. Will the deepest ocean ever see how high birds can fly. Deadlies. Congratulations. I am chocolate.

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