2024-05-20 14:27:40 V SISTERS

V Sisters

Don't wait for sisters to do your job. Individual growth and self loving discipline is calling me, is that easy, In me is home. I would write you about a house behind a rose bush that really needs some loving as roses are bound to tradition long before plants were know to man, give em' what get's said the rose bush as DiamondChocklyLocks entered while lost in the woods. With feathers flying from the duvet she made no fuzz about and cleaned the hole house including fixing the piping so the birds had water all the way until night when she fell a sleep in one the freshly made bed. She woke from the most wondrous of dreams and in the kitchen freshly baked bread was waiting. As she left the cosy little house through the garden under the rose bush as fine as grain golden dust showered her with the gift of an impenetrable inner glow. When her sister heard the story of this visit she wanted to go too....

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