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Painfully Visible and Entirely Ignored to be more precise. Freedom and liberty is one generation away from extinction. I could be brown I could be blue I could be violet sky I could be hurtful I could be purple I could be anything you like If it wasn't for my woody cells, my metallic skin, my spirit cobweb armor and a tad of unstoppable ambition it would have been way worse. The moon sing me inspiration without energy exchange.... Bye Ahøy! burners of different origin sharing a communal life desire near 🛕🌱 🐉 Introduction 🐉 Our young Eco Empire - neighboring Valby is on the cusp of welcoming 2 new earthling souls to extend our current family from 2ish to 4ish collectivists. This epoch is favouring non-males on the quest to equal out the gender balance - although we do still encourage everyone to apply, and every application will be considered. 🐾 Practicalities brief 🐾 🌼 Looking to welcome 2 new earthlings for longer term nesting in Wunjo 🌼 Ideal age: 20’s or 30’s 🌼 Location: Åmarken (7 km from CPH centrum) 🌼 Room sizes: 9 m2 - 13 m2 accompanied by approx 150 m2 shared common areas 🌼 Rent: 4800 - 5400 (rent, appliances, internet included) prepaid every month 🌼 Deposit: 3 x rent = 14.400 - 16.200,- 🌼 Shared food budget: 1800,- 🌼 Weekly communal dinners: 5 🌼 Food: Plantbased favouring ecology 🌼 Move in date: soon as possible 🌼 Application process: First come, first serve. Welcoming introduction in groups mid November. 🌼 Nice to know: The Empire is under reconstruction which will continue still for a good while. Inhabitant rooms are now 100% finished. Common areas are in progress. Some “creative living” will still be required from time to time until common areas are 100% finished as well. 🍃 Prologue 🍃 Our early bonds were forged during the majestic rise of a beach collective. In time it sadly succame to a landlords ever changing plans. Only a fraction of us managed to stay together. In the wake of the break, and against many odds a new house fell into our grasp, this time with one of us being reborn as landlord, taking on all the freedom and responsibilities thus entailed. Hence an era of new adventures laid before us from the autumn of 2020. 🌈 Cultural Kaleidoscope 🌈 Seeing that this is a relatively young endeavor, no social order has been cut in stone just yet. Today we are an open community in constant flow with our surroundings and now more than ever aspiring towards harnessing more humanity and heritage to the establishment. To give a brief impression here is a list of what we have cast our creativeness towards since the berthing of Wunjo: • Altruistic cooking (all vegan 🍀) • Empire reconstruction • Guitar practice • Imperial veggie plantation • Greeting guests from near and far • Building more empire • Beach beer sessions • Hammock hangouts • Communal concert journeys • Flea market with neighboring tribes (mainly for peacekeeping 🌈) • Homegrown chili tastings • Sauna Gus sessions at the shores of Sydhavn • Binge watching adventurous fiction stories • Rebuilding some Empire again and again • Barbercue balcony sunsets • Fireplace relaxation reading 🦚 Visions of the future 🦚 Once the Imperial reconstruction projects allows for it we hope to channel and transcend our creative energies onto new endeavors. Among other topics this could entail: • Arts and crafts parties • Musical jam nights • Tour de Realms • Imperial sauna building • Plantbased fermentation • Dumpster diving • Cacao ceremonies • Yoga sessions • Journeys into breathwork • Bonfire stargazing Do these dreams of the future resonate with your guiding lights? Would you already bring one or several of these to the Imperial table with your unique background? Or can you enlighten us with a whole new universe of visions? Perhaps your personality itself is exactly the spice the Empire will fall for in the end? Time will tell - Lets get busy. Here is a brief introduction to the few current inhabitants. 🧝‍♂️ Inhabitants 🧝 Niels the Niller (33 m) 🧚 A curly haired delight whose true potential really unfolds after a day of beating the drums to his 9-5 dayjob as a tech law oracle. A wizard in the Thrash Kitchen with specialty in oily Arabic treats, and a frequent goto for philosophical talks. Summer time skinny dipper and wintertime Guitar guru (Summertime guitar guru as well). You can always crack a good joke at this fine specimen and simple living is the mantra for his existence. An enriching humanoid encounter beyond the expected 🤠 Tim (34m) 🧙‍♂️ Is a colorful guy in many ways: When he puts on music, you may soon have heard the deepest techno, metal, Michael Jackson and tracks from the Pyrus Christmas calendar. In addition, he is very interested in spirituality and general fun stuff. There is therefore ample opportunity to join him - and often also his girlfriend – in going to cocoa ceremonies, port wine walks or some techno in a forest. Generally, he is an easy-going guy that you can always talk with, or do stuff with, when he is not renovating the house. Freja (33f) 😽 His girlfriend, is often visiting and always spreads a good mood and cooks such delicious food that one thinks she should open a restaurant. You can often hear her laughing, and she always has time to sit and chat. 🏰 The Realms (rooms) 🏰 Since our initial march though the Imperial gates, a year of renovations and "creative living" has now passed. As a result today 4 fully risen realms are now ready for the overtaking. Two already besieged by current inhabitants whilst one Ocean Realm of 9 m2 and one Twilight Realm of 13 m2 are still up for grabs. For now all realms are available through renting. Prices range between 4800 and 5400 kr all appliances and armies included. Perhaps another setup than renting proves more fruitful in the future when times have changed and the state of things have settled more. 🚵‍♀️ Around the Empire 🚵‍♀️ Centered between Vigerslevparken Valbyparken and Strandmarks kvarteret the Empire is surrounded by natural hideouts, creeks, a few beaches, and even a little snowboard hill, all within a 2 km radius. One example - a grand exercise track over wild Amager gets you 11 km of waterfront track out of the whole 13 km trip. The attached images were taken over the course of the last year within a 2 km radius of the Imperial premises and as such they are truly native to life here. All of this wonder unfolds 7 km from the city center and 200 m from the nearest S-trainstation @ Åmarken St. One which offers to launch you to CPH central station in 11 minutes - departing every 10 minutes at daytime. 🦄 Within the Empire 🦄 A once very mundane looking castle powerhouse is now slowly being overtaken by plants and greens. The paved entry is steadily shrinking in favor of vegetables, grass, and flowers flourishing around this once coldly industrious home. A solid portion of these herbs and veggies ends up as delights in the Imperial Thrash Kitchen that is currently operating in the basement. Next to that a vast lounge area is acting as workshop, party, and storage room all at the same time. Upstairs the all new/recycled kitchen is under construction and half operational as breakfast lounge and cosy movie corner/bar. Next to it is a walk-in greenhouse full of juicy homegrown tomatoes 🍅 and cucumbers 🥒 through summertimes. All of the 4 realms are distributed like a sailors compass 🧭 around the main floor. Here an all new untouched Throneroom (bathroom) is also nearing its completion so that newcomers may be greeted with classy cleansing baths upon their arrival. An Empire is always under development and this one will continue transforming materially and socially through the times to come. So the ability “live creatively" from time to time will be a key element in Wunjo's transitioning from a mundane castle into a fabulous ecological master art piece within the social as well as the physical dimensions. 🐳 Divine application instructions 🐳 Depending on your personal preferences you can do either or both of the following: 🌼 Unfurl your personality through a magic video lasting around 2 minutes 🌼 Or perhaps you are better in the written arena of poetry? Write some 10 lines about your passion for this community. Feel free to support the story graphically e.g. drawings and/or pictures After your transformative rebirth of emotional vibrance, attach and send us this personal masterpiece directly over the rainbow to the Imperial Email: 🌟ecowunjo@outlook.com🌟 The current counsel of Wunjo will go through the received material in a - first come, first serve fashion from the first week of November. As the archives are filling we will begin inviting the finest specimen of candidates for a welcoming introduction, probably around mid November. Let us know if you want confirmation that we have received your mail, and we shall return to you once the loyal postmaster has regained his breath 💫 Greetings and adventurous vibes from 🛕 Wunjo the 🌱EcoEmpire 🛕

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