This year no more that 18,000 new Danish startups emerged. Approx. 70 percent of entrepreneurs in Denmark are male, 57 percent are under the age of 35 and 11 percent are immigrants. Only a small number are knowledge based startups and only 0.3 percent will obtain status as a growth company…

Almost everyone who establish themselves as entrepreneurs were working in the private sector. In Denmark entrepreneurs often come from a higher gross income than the general population, at the time they established their business. Most entrepreneurs have no pension and a negative net worth when assets are fairly valued.

Entrepreneurs has no multi-million dollar marketing campaign but we do have something even better—you. If you enjoy something created by an entrepreneur please consider telling a friend, setting it up for someone less knowledgeable than yourself, or writing the author of a media article that overlooks us.


Michael Toudal - Entrepreneur, IT rockstar and philanthropic badass+


Behind this website is a small but tight and very competent philanthropic team that have been working together since 1997. We have a long list of ideas for projects and programs all of which denominate either robin-hood technology or something profound and environmentally sustainable. Our goal is to create and implement software products and services that are free, non-profit, open source or public domain.

  • Excellent broad based business function knowledge
  • A savvy track record of challenging & successful project delivery
  • Detailed knowledge of I/T infrastructure and technologies
  • Doctores in enterprise resource planning and efficiency tools

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