2024-04-20 22:21:43 WHAT IS MY PASSPHRASE?


A password is a secret word or string of characters used for authentication, to prove identity or gain access to a resource. Passwords are something we all use to access products and services. The increased mobility are looking for we are all online all the time and soon all places with a good connection. Aerials from TDC, Telia and 3 (Hi3G) is connected to the fiber network to increase speed and flexibility. Everything is good or is it ...


Apps in the cloud are used by a lot of people and of various product integrations in a more or less complex and critical solution architecture. Now when it\'s all on display on the Internet so it can also be addressed by the more sinister part of our world community. There are not yet invented a police officer for Internet monitors sensitive data, prevent brute force lookup, identity theft or other types of

What Is My Passphrase?

EventuallyThere are countless services and agents on the network continuously talk together. It is not so long ago that there was taken a screenshot of the e-commerce portal Amazon. On the screen was a book on sale at unrealistically high price just because the Amazon and a competitor both had programs watched each other\'s selection and prices. The programs updated the book in the storage system and priced in relation to competitors offering others. It is a very simple system that made the price to grow a little bit for each iteration to an astronomical amount. Imagine what goes on in the complex ecosystem like the Internet is today. The programs are often trade secrets, more or less documented and available. Personally, I get the thrill of thinking of HTC systems and how several big banks are earning huge amounts of money at the expense of other banks and us ordinary people who invest pension funds or equivalent.It is quite impossible to ensure that the machinery is not being compromised. One could imagine that, for example, Sony has invested a great deal to ensure their infrastructure after they lost control of sensitive customer information and confidential data for about 200 million registrants. In particular, access to source code and sensitive personal data problematic when this type of information falling into the wrong hands. The technology we can put the power of today is nothing less than impressive to process datagrams, crypto algorithms and everything else resource-intensive work. It is quite impossible to ensure that the machinery is not being compromised.


If you use the same password for different portals? Remember to change your password often? Is your password the same as a lot of other people? Maybe your access combination unique because it is related to a personal experience or experience. How to save your password in the database on Twitter or Facebook, and all the other many services you use. In many lies passwords in a database in plain text and it is not recommended! Most service providers stores may not be the password but only a hash while few actually encrypt the confidential information.

What Is My Passphrase?

Your secure accessNow that it is the keyboard we use to define the text for login is quite healthy to use combinations of many characters and none of the 100,000 most used passwords. My passphrase is 12 characters which can be hard to remember if it only consists of random characters, numbers and letters as \"strawberries, wheat, chocolate and butterflies in the commercial for Harries crisp energy bar\" that gives you password \"jhcosirfHseb\". It is as user friendly as AltGr +2 @ on a keyboard.
My experience is that longer passwords are easy to remember if you associate the phrase with pictures, phrases or words. Save yourself a lot of time by using a highly usable password. One that is secure enough to withstand \"online\" attacks, but unique and easy enough to use on a daily basis. A commendable and strong password can be remembered as a phrase eg \"freshbaked2go\". A long password is case-sensitive offers a very high level of security even if it\'s simple three words. Mainframe systems may be limited to eight characters, change the premise ... Unfazed it does not take long to type text on the keyboard.
Not at all 12 characters well :-)

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