2024-04-20 22:38:06 WILD SOUL

Wild Soul

To be free is wild, all things considered including our time. It is wild to be where we rather be, doing what we rather do. Be where we experience the flow of time as peculiar and pass in strange ways, way too fast or way too slow. Freedom is an ultimate gift we can give ourselves. Freedom is medicine for our spirit. Conditioning is why it's so hard to take even it is free. Freedom is powerful. Free can choose to be untamed, kind, raw and safe all at the same time. Who even had that besides in dreams and the compassion of our mothers womb. Our souls flounder this narrow plane of reality, blissful in love with our ignorance to what is really going on around us. God is perfectly perfect. That makes us perfectly imperfect. Restfully listen. It is often believed that everyone we meet in life has to teach us. Be radical. Still, who else would have taken out those multiple strike spirits but me and Salem?

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