My World in a Drop of Water

This one early blog should be about me, who is the techie entrepreneur, right? It is no wonder so few are lucky enough to make exit’s like I have done. It is my experience that, the humongous amount of energy required to be a serial entrepreneur out of Denmark, is an investment that requires sacrifice. It’s extremely hard to get an idea about getting an idea while maintaining focus. Not all things fly and you only have so much time. Turtles don’t fly even though they may daydream about it…and then at some point I made a pot of gold selling the intellectual capital of one of my other companies to a big brand called Visma who just recently accredited my newest tool as mature standard productization proven in two large client enterprise architectures and ready for a massive customer rollout. Yes I can create magic code and implement the features the end-users want.


I consider myself multi-langual as I am quite fluent in at least 17. Though all but a few of these result in machine code, anyone spending 10.000 hours on something gets good at IT. I’m a dreamwalker, a reckless optimist and I have something big cooking, trying not to disclose any plans or time frames.

What I can tell you is what I’m thinking now, what we CANNOT do is to go back to my crib for some inventing. I’m not that single after all.