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They followed the slowly moving waiterbot and were advised to a table by the dome glass. Outside glimpsed the planet horizon and the spaceport's many lights with the background of the trimmed dark crayola twilight. The girl sat down sitting facing the man as if she was painted on the background of the night sky, she smiled. Here is nice and lovely he said. You always have such good ideas. Thank you for letting me say goodbye here instead of sending me a holo message. Yes she said. I thought enough of you that we could enjoy having our farewell together in the departure lounge and I think the weather forecast serves you well to escape your workshop walls everything in perspective. He relaxed his contours and concurred. The view was amazing as I rose through the sky, I should have worn a mask. Discreetly the woman quickly looked on her wristband; We can get a drink she said before I am scheduled check in at the security point. Then I think I want a vodka with milk, he said, smiling to the women. I’ll take the same she said. He lifted an eyebrow. She smiled, chuckled and looked at the virtual fireplace, folded her one hand under the chin and stared speculative back at him like demanding an everything. As a gentleman he tried to escape like something was bothering by the neck. Did you arrive with the spaceport elevator? No he answered. I rented a hoverbike. I wanted to be sure to be here on time since we only have such a short window and I would not let you wait for me...You don’t look nervous at all compared to you’re a few hours away from meeting some of the most powerful beings in our galaxy. She smiled. I can not claim that I'm not proud to be able to do this at such a young age and a bit scared the space jump will hit harder than a full days workout, yet the beautiful woman lost her gaze and said, it only feel fair for such an opportunity and I’m thrilled that I get to decide on important stuff. Then she looked down.

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He warmed up. I think this is the best thing that has ever happened to us. I heard what you said. Hands down I am convinced that although you don't like changes, this is possibly the best thing that could happen to both of us. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you and since childhood you have been so persistent trying to acquire a position like this. I have really thought about how you behaved at that wedding last week yes I could kick myself for hesitating but you know me better than most and I was not prepared to hear about your departure in the same sentence as disclosing sexual tendencies and then in turn get proposed to all in public like that. I really need to think about these things. She opened her mouth slightly to speak but he did not let her. When we were at the wedding and we felt all the energy and attentive love, drinking champagne, sometimes we say things we did not mean to say. We have known each other for ages but us as a couple is new. You said that you don’t want to grow old there and I have always wondered how different women can be from the next and I never really got around to feel free to do who I wanted. I know what my home is and I don’t know if you can call our little quorl one that note. We did manage to make people feel free and the evening was nice but we did not talk right about it. I was completely aware that we were attending a wedding with your best friend but as you know now I have secrets. You did get my messages, no? You ignored me. She nodded slowly but with intent, circling her finger around the edge of the glass not making a sound. What I wrote about the blood pact is real and if it works we would need a whole lot more champagne to celebrate so you see I cannot live in a metropolis. I need to be living in the countryside here and not in the biggest city on our capital planet. It is simply too crowded. And I cannot do my experiments. When you asked. At first, I really did not take you seriously. I know now you were. I regret my hesitation and at the same moment I said that we were not ready, I regret that too. So when you say that we had to travel next Tuesday so we should probably marry on Monday. Honestly, I would love to fuck you for the rest of my life if we were ment to be together. We have only been with each other for a month. You know I am a very private person. You knew I have to drop all ongoing projects. I cannot kill my animal friends and sinking my lifework discreetly by my own boat is not in my cards to do. I have to see if I can make everything great the old fashioned way. I don’t know if you get my idea but the result I think you agree is quite bright and impact our way of thinking about systems in general. To the good for all of us, like your new job, right. It is the same except what I work on, nobody can be allowed to know. If I am wrong, I am the better man for it but if I’m right the project must remain a secret until I am ready. He brought the talk to a long pause then continued; What we can learn from this is, it is not wise for a girl to show her feelings before she is certain of his and understand the platform that defines his life. We are both capable of deep feelings. Sometimes people who have quick marriages comes to understand and realize, over the years, their spouse was a summer fling and never experience the magic romantic infatuation again. Perhaps,

"The Book", Writers Lounge

she interrupted while stirring her ice cube thoughtfully around the nearly empty glass, I have confidence in us; And that was why I felt you would be happy with my spontaneous decision on a quick marriage. She looked up with soft eyes. I realize I should have told you earlier. I know we both have awesome plans and eons of life to live. I know we will not be allowed to procreate. I thought about everything a little more than carefully and I don’t give myself credit for being spontaneous. It is almost time. I have to go. It is best I have a little time on the inside to prepare for the jump. He looked down. Ok, he said. I'm just going to the bathroom. Will you wait for me? Yes she said. As he walked closer to the radiant illuminated blue area showing the entrance, the door opened in a silent and classy movement. The white light was pleasant and the detailed holographic projection of his appearance, as he entered the segregated area, was bright and clear. His eyes dropped to his hands. He shrugged. His face was covered in microscopic dark red dust particles, he had picked up riding the hoverbike, yet visible like dirty contours of carved thin canyon’s, it was obvious he had been crying. In a flash of panic he replayed her every hand movement, every facial expression, eye and micro movement, her delighted lips, what exactly had she said? She had not led him know of his tell. He cleaned up and returned. Outside she was waiting standing in her classy boss posture look fixing her eyeliner… She was smiling. I love your kindness, she interrupted. I love you are soft and gentle like you are. I already paid for our drinks. She took a hold of his forearm, tugged him closer and kissed him. He did not deny her. Take this. She pushed him away holding an envelope to his chest. It's a jump pass, all paid for. I kinda solved your blood pact transport issue as a package should arrive at your doorstep maybe tomorrow and I contacted Atol. Atol actually expessed interest...we live isolated, on a small island. I want to fuck you for the rest of your capable life, let me experience life with you. I always thought great sex had to be overrated and I have never felt a profound connection. In you I have both. I want to wake up to my scent on you, every day. Especially now. This is an important journey. And bring them ropes of your’s. If you decide your not coming let me know within the first few days so I can change things and get refunds. Ok? She quickly kissed him again. Squeezed his arm insistently demanding him conscious. Cya, she whispered looking into his eyes, turned and were gone like the feelings and delighted aftermath of an addictive dream.

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