How I commute

My commute to and from work, school and hobbies

Just a handful of months ago I owned a car and a motorcycle. I sold both as they were an unnecessary luxury to me traveling for a few years and to the fact that I crashed twice on my MC busting my shoulder. That really changed my life to be even more difficult. Sometimes I think this kind of transportation was never intended for me and the transportation sector already in 2021 looks to be very autonomous. As an IT entrepreneur you can do your job via any random internet connection as long as you have your regular laptop. When I need to go somewhere I usually skate or utilize public transportation like train or bus and in case I need a change of attire I rent at GoMore. Even though the danish public transportation system is expensive, super slow and tedious it is also good for the immune system as you get exposed to germs. During my commute I find to enjoy the sondering in observing situations some quite entertaining yet also very depressing. As the chameleon I am, conversing and making dialog is easy. The tough part is to make that interesting even with just about anybody you meet. It makes sense to me, share resources to lower my carbon footprint and it enables me to memorize stuff while in transit (-: