2024-05-20 15:10:55 ZTONE BUDDHA

Ztone Buddha

We don't need no more stone zens but active consorts. Do not fear but be drawn to the other with longing. Many doings describe me and the most damnable of all - romantic. My whole life I have believed that love is pure, true, able to overcome all odds and be everlasting. Life, on the other hand, seems determined to prove this is not the case. From the quick burn of teenage crush, to a decade of slow deterioration into numbness, to the cold bitterness of unconquerable distance, it seems that love does not last. Nor can it overcome all odds. Who am I to believe in genuine love and leafs that plays with the wind. I look around. I see inseparability, I see caused duality, I see love living in the couple celebrating their 49th wedding anniversary, in the couple separated by country or culture, in the couple fighting the horror of brain cancer. Seeing the littles, my heart cannot help but think, maybe, just maybe...my heart can fall in love with a human again.

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